The Office

I love the daily rhythm of prayer but ‘saying’ the office on ones own everyday is a lonely experience.  I know that there are others praying but sometimes I long to listen rather than read and I long to hear anothers voice.  I have just discovered pray as you go on the internet.  It is a Jesuit initiative.  You can download a daily prayer and then listen to it as you go, on the bus or train.  It is not quite the office but at least the readings follow the lectionary and there is some space for meditation.  I rather like the music too.  It means I hear someone elses voice so it feels more like corporate prayer.

The computer screen is too much like work though and not a good place to pray in front of.  Time to borrow the children’s MP3 player methinks and get them to show this dinosaur how to download stuff!  I can then pray as I go. (But perhaps not in the car.  Don’t want to cause a crash!)

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