Community cohesion

It has been a good day for watching two communities at their best. 

One fantastic couple in St A’s who got frustrated with all the talk (in the pcc) and no action made it their new years resolution this year to get on and do something. In conjunction with the Dorset Partnership for Older People Project they have set up a community drop in centre in the committtee room of the village hall.  Older people have been bringing their lap tops and learning from each other how to send emails and surf the internet.  However, many others are turning up for coffee and a chat and of course the rather wonderful cakes that always appear.  Suddenly on  a Friday morning the community has a meeting place.  From this venture has sprung monthly lunches. 

Cool eh?  Suddenly the village is feeling like a community.  I counted about 30 people coming and going this morning.  It has become such a good place to meet people.

And then at midday I drove across to St J’s where they were having their monthly soup and sweet lunch in their village hall.  Most of the congregation semed to be helping out in some way. Lots of yummy home made soups and puddings to choose from.  The community police officer and I came away feeling very bulgy but very happy at meeting so many people.

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