Glimpses of Glory

A typical day I suppose.  Said my prayers, quickly made a casserole for tonight, visited two elderly couples with home communion (always a huge privilege to have faithful, wise servants to pray with), raced back to All Saints for midday prayers with Vicar followed by a working lunch/diary meeting with him and then a free afternoon to write a sermon for Sunday and prepare some sort of liturgy for the family service at All Saints, all the while wondering whether I have the nerve to gently wean the congregation away from something they have been using since the mists of time which they seem to love but is a bit twee and theologically unsatisfying (at least to me). 

As it was just the vicar and me at midday prayers we talked about Christ the King, the upcoming theme for Sunday.  We so rarely get the chance to discuss the readings in advance so I love it when there is a chance to bounce things off each other.  The vicar spoke about how the readings were a gift to us, giving us a glimpse of heaven and the reign of Christ.  He used a ‘picture’ from  the movie ‘blade runner’.  Throughout the movie it is dark and depressing but at the end, blade runner bursts through the cloud into glorious light, a new luscious, green world; so different, so new, so alive.  We then put some gentle music on and spent some time meditating on our favourite place, how we imagine heaven to be and longing for the reign of Christ to come.

All very good, except…..I couldn’t go there.  And it is not because I lack imagination.  It’s simply because I don’t want to have long to see glimpses of glory in the future.  I don’t want to wait to see glimpses of glory. I want to live in the present.  I want to recognise those glimpses of glory or heaven if you like, right now in what I do.  I want to be surprised by joy.

On Christ the King Sunday, I won’t be talking about heaven in the future. The magi got it wrong when they were looking for a king in the wrong place.  Jesus wasn’t the king Pilate expected either.

 I will talk about recognising Christ in unexpected places and people.


And I will continue to blog about the glimpse of Glory I see now.

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