Job specifications

Each week I scan the jobs advertised in the Church Times. (It’s OK benefice I’m not leaving, I love this place as Bishop Alan Wilson says,’Do the job you are doing now with all your heart, not the one you used to do in your last parish, or hope to do in your next.’ But a girl can look can’t she?)

What interests me is the range of people specifications in the adverts. You know the type of thing; ‘We are looking for a priest who will….save the world….etc.

If I were writing a specification for my job, it would say

  • the ability to reverse miles down muddy single track lanes in the dark on your mirrors without backing into the hedge.

This week I have met head on; the milk tanker, the bus (twice a day service) and a tractor with a huge trailer (thought all the maize thrashing had finished). Each of them had a passing place 20 yards behind them.  Who gives in first and reverses for half a mile?  Yes! It’s that nice lady vicar.

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