Wish I had more trust!

There were a lot of children off school last week so I was not at all confident that we would have many turn up for ‘Rocket Praise’ on Sunday.  I only put out seven tables and enough chairs for about 30 people.  We started and a few more families arrived, so a couple more tables were hastily retrieved from the store room and then another arrived and then another! So there was me thinking that we would probably get only a dozen people and 40 turned up again. I need to trust that God will bring who he wants to be there and that word of mouth does work.  If you provide something that families want then they will turn up.

I don’t like being late for things but am beginning to reflect that the fluid start time of these ‘services’ is OK.  If families want to wander in once we’ve got going that’s fine.  I am so excited that they want to come at all and that they feel comfortable doing church in this way.  The old  idea that a service would start on the hour as the priest and choir processed out of the vestry is just not in their experience or consciousness.

So next time I am going to trust that they will turn up.  I will make sure that there are lots of table out.  From now on I will live life with greater expectation.  You’d think I would have learnt that by now. see September 20th

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One Response to Wish I had more trust!

  1. Kathryn says:

    Rueful smile….I have this routine that HAS to take place every month before Messy Church (as it used before Open House too) when I rush around shrieking at anyone who will listen
    “This month I KNOW that nobody will come…”
    Often at Messy Church it feels as if there are only about a dozen people in church, as they scatter around the stations – but it’s nearly always at least 40 who sit down for tea.
    I guess we’re just slow learners!

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