Balancing excitement with holiness

Thank you God for moments like these.  This is why I love this job!

Yesterday, I admitted another group of year 5’s to communion before confirmation at a whole school communion service.  At the moment there are only two whole school communion services a year so there is a great sense of excitement and anticipation in the run up.  Hymns/songs are chosen and the children write the prayers.  Middle school children aged 9-13 haven’t got self conscious yet and they sing really well. (It is not at all half hearted)

Each year, we admit about fifty children, about a third of the year group.  Communion services are part of our identity as a church school. What I love so much about them is the buzz of excitement from the children mixed with a sense of awe.  I always feel that I am standing on holy ground.  I wish some adults would approach the sacrament with the same sense of anticipation.

Excitement and holiness.; what a terrific mix! And what a huge privilege to have something to give each child and  to ask God to bless all those children even if it leaves my hands sticky with hair gel!

We had a head from another school and some ‘sceptical’ clergy observing this year.  I hope they went away inspired.

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