Rocket Praise!


It has been a morning of pastoral visits followed by the midweek communion service.  Later on I have a twilight governors meeting followed by deanery synod in the evening.  So, I am free to play this afternoon.  Yippee!

I desperately wanted to play with water rockets made out of plastic soda bottles for the service on Sunday.  They are great fun when they go shooting up into the air but everyone gets very wet, so that is probably an activity best left until the summer.

I have some rocket fireworks left over from bonfire night and a sky lantern which I will use in the prayer slot but I really need an indoor activity on which to hook a sermon/talk.

This afternoon I have been in touch with my inner child and have had great fun playing with balloons to see how far I can shoot them up a piece of string.  (see picture)  I’m now confident that we can get them to go the length of the village hall and we can have a race. 

And the talk? Something along the lines of needing to be filled with God- a balloon is just a floppy piece of rubber without air in it. But when we get all floppy we can always ask God to come and fill us again and again and again.

 We will use the rockets to write some arrow prayers straight to God and  use the sky lanterns for something more reflective- a substitute for incense maybe??

I love playing with worship. Bet God loves it too!

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