Why do you look for the living amongst the dead?

This so shouldn’t have worked.

I was secretly glad that the cubs and beavers were unable to attend the Remembrance service on Sunday.  No small child should have to stand in the cold for ages and then be bored rigid by church.  So imagine my disquiet when I overheard the old men from the British legion say that they were going to take them to the churchyard tonight to teach them about remembrance.

Oh help, I thought.  We don’t have street lighting in the country. They will scare the kids silly with their talk of death especially in a spooky , pitch black graveyard.  The churchyard is up a lonely narrow country lane, a good five minute walk from the village hall.  To say nothing of the child protection issues, I’ll be spending the next 6 months trying to convince traumatised kids that the graveyard is nothing to be afraid of.    I better go and watch and see if I can limit the damage. 

Bless the old men.  Although they had no idea how to talk to the children, they did their best and the children listened respectfully.  They had rigged up a generator and lit up the war graves so the children were able to place some poppy crosses in the ground.  They even got the children to stand in silence for 2 minutes.  We then had some fun using our torches to count the names on the war memorial.  It was a sacred moment. Five year olds and 80+year olds listening to each other and being easy in each other’s company.  Almost three generations apart doing something important together.

This so shouldn’t have worked but it did.

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