Between the full stop and the capital

Last night, after a long hunt for my hardly ever worn academic hood (found at the bottom of my ‘useful stuff for assemblies box’), I went to the licensing and installation of a new ministry team in the deanery.  Great  fun!  It’s a liturgy with lots of movement around the church, with jangling of keys, pouring of water, ringing the bell and some fairly heavy duty promises.  The rural dream had chosen some lovely inclusive hymns for us to sing in between all the action.

Bishop G was in good form. His sermons are still overly long and too much about him (sorry I’ll have to do penance now) but there was this gem at the end.  After trawling the net I discovered that it is a poem he wrote.

Between the Full Stop and the Capital

Sentences, like people

need spaces to breathe.

Between the full stop

and the capital

lies               the pause.

Without space,

sentences are breathless,

without the Sabbath

life is restless;

without the pause,

the rest is lifeless.

Sentences, like God,

have a preferential option

for              the pause.

                                (Graham Kings 2007)


I like it! I wish he had preached on this poem rather than tacking it on to end of his sermon.  It was almost done as an aside or a postscript; an ‘I must remind ministers to take time to be with God.’

I wish he had preached about God being in the gaps.  Perhaps it’s a sermon that I need to write.  If I did I would include this prayer that we also said last night.

As we offer our prayers daily to you,

empty us of all that is not you,

make us to be vessels for your love,

ready always to respond to the needs

of those whom you call us to serve.

May your kingdom come,

here and throughout your world,

as it is in heaven,

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Empty us of all that is not you, Lord.  Help us to leave a gap for you.

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