Lovely, lovely Sunday.

autumn2009 053Well, this is a novelty!  

A Sunday off.

I’ve never managed to lie in so I sneaked unrecognised into a neighbouring benefice for their 8am mass. Always a good way to start the day.  Equally restorative was the early morning view over the Piddle valley as I drove back.  Another glorious autumnal day and if I was rushing from one church to another in the usual Sunday race to provide services I would have missed it. 

Well, this is a novelty said ‘the doctor’.  (We are so rarely ‘not working’ at the same time).  Let’s go for a walk in Puddletown forest.

And we did.  And it was lovely. 

We came back to butternut squash soup that I had made and bread that he had made.  Lovely.

autumn2009 051Must make another date with him!

He is now out in the garden.  Here are some photos I have taken before he pulls up the last of the Autumn colour. 

And me?  I’m making marrow chutney.

I love autumn days

I love my husband.

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