Best training day ever!

I was dreading yesterday.  I don’t even like having my picture taken so the thought of being filmed giving a presentation in front of a group of sharp, witty and obviously more intelligent people than me and then having it played back for me to watch was making me feel weak at the knees and slightly queasy.  It’s fortunate that I didn’t have to travel all the way to Salisbury as there would have been time to think about it and get cold feet.   The last thing anyone needs is to have their confidence shaken, especially me.

What a shame, if I had wimped out.  This has got to be the best bit of training I have had in ages.  It is the most affirming thing I have done.  What did I see on the screen?  An intelligent, confident, well dressed woman who was passionate about what she presenting; clear, precise and leaving me wanting to hear more.  Is this me?  It can’t be!

After the heaps of constructive criticism and praise (why do I find that more uncomfortable?) I was allowed to refine the presentation and watch an even more shiny me.  Next stop – church house (me thinks not!)

Best training day ever!

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2 Responses to Best training day ever!

  1. Kathryn says:

    Bravo! Not only for who you are, but for actually managing to recognise it…
    Mind you, I’m now worrying about having lunch with the well dressed aspect of you! Please promise to be as scruffy as Bath will allow 😉

  2. gloriousthings says:

    Don’t worry Kathryn, scruffy is the everyday default option.

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