Fussy Mummy

wishes she could be in two places at once.  Mathmagic15 has an OU exam today and it is raining.  He has gone to school on the bus but will need to leave mid morning to walk to the station a mile away to catch a train to a seaside town where the examination centre is.  Of course, in common with other teenagers he doesn’t have a coat, so is likely to be dripping wet when he sits down to the 3 hour exam.  I have never really been a helicopter parent and I do trust him to get himself there on time (for goodness sake, he got himself to South Korea and back!) but………….just this once maybe I should have cancelled what I am doing and driven him there.

How do other parents get the balance right?

And me? I am just racing out to some CMD (continual ministerial development) entitled ‘Well presented: how to give an effective talk.’ I have to give a presentation which will be recorded and played back so that I can be even more brilliant and shiny.

Why, oh why did I choose this one?  I’ve just looked at the list of the other participants; they are all the high flying ambitious suited lot from Church house. 

Better go and change what I am wearing.  No, second thoughts, I’ll stick with being me.

Fussy Mummy.


Good luck Mathmagic

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