Cinderella and Prince Charming

This has to be just about the best job in the world!

Today I presided at the wedding of Prince Charming (5) and Cinderella (6).  How cool is that? Every child in class 1 of the local first school had a part.  There were ushers, a best man, Cinder’s Dad, umpteen bridesmaids and page boys and even a class photographer for the day.  The class had carefully written invitations to the rest of the school who along with their teachers, mums and dads all turned up in their finery.  The groom and best man arrived at church in a chauffeur driven car with ribbons on but Cinderella and her bridesmaids had the best deal; they came in a carriage pulled by two real black stallions. (I’d hate to be the teacher who had to do the risk assessment on that!)  It really was a fairy tale wedding.

In church I got to read the story of Jesus at a wedding feast.  He loved parties too! And after the bride and groom had made some special promises we sang ‘one more step’.  We then processed down to the pub for the reception.  The parents had decked out the skittle alley with balloons and laid the tables with food.  It looked beautiful.  We even had a proper wedding cake and a speech from the best man aged 5.

The kids were so excited.  They had been anticipating this all week.  They now know all about weddings.

How cool is that?

But parents are so funny.  One was worried that they might be properly married!  It’s alright I said very seriously, ‘We haven’t called the banns’. Another was concerned that I might have felt uncomfortable trivialising something that for her should be a solemn occasion and didn’t it worry me that the children were excited and talking in church. NO! I LOVE IT!!

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