ET go home!

I have a benign essential tremor.  It means I truly do serve the Lord with fear and trembling (psalm 2.11).  It is completely misnamed as it doesn’t feel at all friendly or essential to who I am. In fact sometimes it is a ***** nuisance.    Most of the time I don’t even notice it and I’ve got used to strangers asking me if I am nervous.  When I am completely relaxed ie. comatosed it doesn’t show at all. My worst nightmare is going to a strange church and being handed a very full chalice to adminster, or finding that there is no lectern to put my sermon on.

I stopped asking ET to go home a long time ago and decided it wouldn’t prevent me from doing what I want to do. It was all part of me loving me for who I am.  ET is not a disability and out of sheer bloody mindedness I don’t take beta blockers.  When I stopped railing about it it stopped becoming a problem.

Today I am thanking God for my ET.  I had a tricky pastoral visit to a self confessed pagan in one of our villages.  I’d prayed before I went that we would find some common ground and we wouldn’t part thinking each other had horns or a forked tail.  Once we had sorted out what we needed to, he offered me a cup of tea.  (don’t panic)  ‘Don’t overfill the cup’ I shout to the kitchen.  He pops his head round the door, ‘ET? me too!’ ‘I was just about to ask if you would carry it because I can’t if it is a full cup!’

From that moment we relaxed in each others company and found alsorts of common ground.  I stayed longer than I had intended and we parted friends.

So although it is a nuisance, thank you God for my ET.

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One Response to ET go home!

  1. Kathryn says:

    Love it! Well done….

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