Not so glorious thing!

I am supposed to only talk about the shiney things here.  If I concentrate on those and all the good things in the benefice then I don’t get mad at what is going on in the wider church.

But sometimes it is OK to get mad.  Maggi is right.  So, here is my rant.


I am just about old enough to remember back in 1979 when we were told that women priests were OK but the time was not right and during the wait we ended up with the repugnant act of synod and now the same is about to happen again.  Discrimination gets enshrined in law. 

This is not a good reflection of how God is.  Monica Furlong must be turning in her grave. 

I am not ready to leave as Maggi suggests. I love this church but sometimes it does some very stupid things.

Here is inclusive church response.  A bit tame me thinks.

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