Day off!

veiw hardys monumentWhat do other clergy do on their day off?

I am getting more and more hopeless.  I hate shopping and  I was too last to organise meeting up with someone.  There was a distinct danger that I would turn on the computer and deal with the back log of admin or get ahead on next Sunday’s two sermons and puppet praise. Oh and the kitchen is a mess and the living room has been taken over by a mountain of washing that needs ironing and put away.

Get a grip woman! We all need a sabbath and it has been far too long since your last one.  Also you are seeing spidir tomorrow who will get shouty with you.  (Actually she never does but…….)

Today was beautifully sunny, much too nice to be stuck in doors alAdmiral_Sir_Thomas_Hardy_Monument_Dorset_Darren_Allenl day. So while I waited for the temperature to warm up I footled around making something creative to show spidir and then I took myself off to Hardy’s monument for a picnic. (Admiral Thomas Hardy from Nelson’s ship not the writer). It was wonderful to be able to sit outside without a coat on in the middle of October.  As I had no-one to share the view with,  here it is.  You can see for miles around up here.  Portland and the fleet were very clear today.

It’s a glorious thing to have all this wonderful countryside on the doorstep.  Thank you God and thank you for sabbath days in which to enjoy it.

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