Working together

A busy day for St A’s.  Today was the day for moving the pews and for tidying the churchyard (neighbours are complaining about rats in our compost heap).  I have to admit, I woke up full of anxiety this morning.  Would enough people turn up to help shift the pews? Would the man with the tractor and the local carpenter remember to come? Would I be met by a group of angry villagers barring the door?  Would it end up looking alright or a complete mess? How many letters was the archdeacon going to get about me this time?………and so on.   All those doubts about whether we were doing the right thing were beginning to creep in.

pews 084So feel my amazement, when I got there early so that I could take some picture of the pews in their orginal position only to find that someone had already been in and done the necessary carpentry job to take the pews off their fixed rails.  Half an hour later the carpenter turned up and I thanked him profusely for getting on with the job. ‘Not me’ he says.  It took me and the CW all day to work out who had done it. It made it much easier job for the gang of people who turned up to move the pews. The mystery carptenter turned out to be a CW from another church.  I still haven’t quite worked out how he knew which pews to attack.  But THANK YOU!

I’m not sure we will be able to put them back though.  Here is a picture of all the dry rot at the base of the pews. (It may well be a blessing in disguise).

It was a very busy morning.  I had a very smiley moment when I realised how many people had turned up to help.  The churchyard was full of willing helpers, many who don’t some to church.  It is good to see the community working together and enjoying each others company. Lots of cake from the CW’s kept us going and all was finished by lunchtime.

Tomorrow, I will wear a flak jacket under my cassock as there are sure to be some negative comments from the more traditional members of the congregation.  It does look messy but it won’t be forever.

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