Harvest No.5!

This morning I went to the non church schools harvest assembly.  There were lots of songs and poems about scarecrows, farmyard animals and conkers. What a contrast between here, which was a performance and the church school, which was worship with all the childen having a part. Until, I got up to do my ‘bit’ there was no mention of God or the word thank you.  I’m wondering with the arrival of new head if there is an opportunity to change the culture here, although I don’t want to take over.  I am also amazed that parents were gossiping through their children’s performance.  How can we expect the kids to respect others contributions when the adults are modelling it so badly? 

Anyway, I had a great time getting the school to act out the feeding of the 5000 and got the adults attention!  It was a very noisey hungry crowd with grumbly tummies in the school hall and the two tins of sardines were a good prop.  We talked about God providing good things.  We talked about sharing what we have.  We talked about saying thank you.  We looked at the mountain of produce that the children had brought in and thought that the old people in the village will be very grateful.

So, I’m not moaning really!  Just thankful that I can have fun talking about the person I love in this place.

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