My shelf

I thought you might like to know about the picture above. We have a very small room in our house.  I think it was designed to be a study but you can barely fit a desk in it.  You can however, fit a comfy chair and a CD player, but nothing else.  I like to keep it simple.  The children affectionately call it ‘the quiet room’.  I have the luxuory of having an oratory in the centre of our house.  ‘The doctor’ uses the room to listen to his classical music and to escape the TV.  I use the room to wait on God.

There is a high shelf that runs the length of the room.  On the shelf I keep my precious stuff.  Mathmagic bought me the blue cross back from Poland when he went on a history trip to learn about the concentration camps.  The chalice was an ordination present.  It came from a lovely craft shop near to Salisbury cathedral. The Celtic knot dish I love. I’ve used it as a font.  It came from a pottery near St Davids.  I haven’t doctored the picture.  The candle wasn’t lit but somehow the reflection from the flash makes it look as if it is. 

Special things in a special place, all bring me closer to God in some way.

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