Pacing oneself

metronomeI have a metronome just like this one.  I started classical guitar lessons last February.  The metronome keeps me playing at a steady pace otherwise I get faster and faster.  The ticking drives me mad but disciplines me to practise something carefully.  It is a case of not flying before one can walk. If I set the metronome at this speed there is no way that I could keep up.

I like playing my guitar.  It sits in my office and I can pick it up whenever I have a spare 5 minutes (well it’s better than procrastinating on the internet, isn’t it?) . I find it relaxing  (if you turn off the metronome).  It is good to have some sort of hobby that is completley unconnected with work.

I’m wondering whether I need a metaphorical metronome in my work life to slow me down.

At precisely 2.48pm K left a comment on this blog, ‘day off-I hope’.  I squirmed when I realised that I have missed my last two Saturdays off and have taken nothing off in their place.  So, at 3pm I finished writing the letters I was doing and the pile of admin and picked up my guitar.

My interal metronome has told me to take the rest of the day off and the WHOLE of tomorrow.  The stuff in the diary can easily be postponed.

Lovely.  What shall I do?

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