Compassion Sunday

20081216125155_0_CompassionArt_Creating_Freedom_from_Poverty_coverStruggling to choose which track from the CompassionArt CD to play at our Compassion Sunday Praise thingy Fresh expression tomorrow afternoon.  I like them all.  Probably will go for ‘Fill my cup, overflowing like a river with mercy, love and truth and justice’.

As usual I’ve tried to pack too much in. Someone is coming to talk about Fair Trade and we have a tradecraft stall.  The kids are going to talk about the children they sponsor for Compassion UK.  There will be the usual bun fight and messy type church stuff to do and the technophobe in me will try not to get stressy when trying to get the digital projector to talk to my ancient lap top.

It’s this sort of stuff that keeps me smiley.  Hope folks turn up after the summer break.

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One Response to Compassion Sunday

  1. Kathryn says:

    Oh dear me, YES…I’ve chickened out of things techi altogether since Hugger Steward departed to university (partly because we’re less far advanced along the worship trail with Messy Church, but ONLY partly)…but I’m hoping that the fact that you are now choosing multi media accoutrements means that the more basic technical issue of the printer is now resolved.
    I’m wondering which essential and important thing for tomorrow I have completely forgotten – and because I HAVE completely forgotten it, I have no idea.
    Have a lovely Sunday anyway 🙂

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