Through the pilgrim door

book-throughthepilgrimdoor-150Michael, I love your book.  I also enjoyed following the feig blog.

Perhaps I am becoming a junky for pioneer ministry. (I also read Pompey pioneer avidly). Following what other people are doing does fill me with hope and inspiration especially as I wade through the treacle of rural ministry.  It would be easy for me to think that the grass would be greener somewhere else or that me and God could start something new but not here. 

That’s ridiculous! Nothing is impossible with God.  There is no reason why I cannot be pioneering here.  There are some freedoms and advantges to being an NSM.  Much as I love the way Feig has grown and would love to do the same  I know that what God does here will be different.  I just pray that when the spirit blows I will have the courage to open my wings and catch the breeze.

This month we come to the end of the 3 years of money from the St Aldhelm Fund (diocescan mission fund).  When I can find some space I will blog about what we have done here and I will try and evaluate whether what we have done is a fresh expression or whether we are just doing the same old tired church in a different place. But I’m not clever and I don’t know how to use big words like eccleisiology or missional.  BUT I do know that 2 adults now feel that they belong and can’t wait for their baptism and I can’t wait for us to be a bit more sacramental.

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