The glorious thing today was meeting for an hour with two adults that want to be baptised in October.  They are both so genuinely excited and bowled over that God could possibly love them. They can hardly wait to make the next step on their faith journey despite facing cynicism from their friends and indifference from family.  I am so grateful that the congregation at St A’s have embraced them and their children and overwhelmed them with their excitement too. I can’t wait either to say this prayer for them.  It is the most wonderful thing I get to say in the baptism service.

N and N,
today God has touched you with his love
and given you a place among his people.
God promises to be with you
in joy and in sorrow,
to be your guide in life,
and to bring you safely to heaven.
In baptism God invites you on a life-long journey.
Together with all God’s people
you must explore the way of Jesus
and grow in friendship with God,
in love for his people,
and in serving others.
With us you will listen to the word of God
and receive the gifts of God.

Both can’t quite put their finger on what they are feeling but they know it is good. What they are experiencing is love. Today God has touched you with his love.

They have told me to bring plenty of tissues because they will probably blub their way through the service.  I will be joining them.

Did I tell you? I love this job!!

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One Response to Baptisms

  1. Kathryn says:

    Oh YES
    Thanks for a reminder about why we do love it…too many meetings and too much process this week might have squeezed that out for me otherwise.
    You do know, I hope, what a blessing it is NOT to be an incumbent???

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