Feeding the 5000

…..or in this case the 43 retired people plus 10 helpers who turned up to the monthly parish lunch.  Today it was roast pork with all the trimmings followed by a huge choice of puddings.  If I have to cook a roast for more than a dozen people I get anxious.  Our wonderful team of also retired ladies and men cook enough for up to 80 every month and make it look easy.  There is always an abundance of food and plenty left over.  It is the high- light of some folks week and a chance for me to sit, chat and meet those who can’t make it to church. 

I am now feeling a bit bulgy!

Folks at St M’s will tell you that they are not very religious.  Some of the ladies that help would be hard pressed to tell you why they do it beyond, ‘We love cooking’.  I think it is great that they are doing something that they love. In being neighbourly and serving others they are reflecting something of the hospitality of God and the overflowing abundance of his love.

Well done St M’s.  You are being glorious people.

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