Lovely wedding

So glad young couple didn’t go over the top with expensive flowers and dresses.  St A’s looked plain this afternoon in contrast to St M’s where hundreds of pounds must have been spent decorating the church, porch and lych gate.  I know that this is the most important day of their lives together but it does worry me how much some couples spend.

I think I picked the right one today.  I had worried that they were so young but am so glad they didn’t want to wait to save up loads of money to blow on one day. I am so pleased that couples still want to be married in church and want God to be a part of their marriage.  It was a glorious moment when these two really looked at each other as they said their vows.  It is sad that the congregation can’t see what I can see.  

Today, the scouting organisation felt like one big happy family.  The district commissioners witnessed the signing of the registers, the explorer scouts acted as ushers and all the cubs and beavers formes a guard of honour.

I didn’t feel like I was doing a solo in shine Jesus shine.  Even the organist expressed surprise at the singing.

A lovely village occasion with lots of beaming people including me!

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