Pews and loos

flush fund1Glorious thing: I think I have had an offer of somewhere to store the pews for free. Yes!  We have already wasted a month of the licence.  I’ve checked the wording.  All it says is that they have to be stored somewhere dry and secure, so that they can be put back again.  So I’m hoping that a letter to the AD will be enough telling him where we have put them.  The CWs were all for piling them up where the loo will go.  I think that will look messy and provoke even more angst.  Out of sight , out of mind I say.  Just need a friendly farm hand with a tractor trailer and fork lift truck and we’ll be smiling. I am going to have great fun experimenting with the space. 

The next task will be to raise all that money on top of struggling to pay the share.  CWs are now dreaming up ways we can raise awareness and support from the community to get their pennies so we can spend a penny.

I need to keep finding the shiney moments in all this.  Worrying about church buildings and their upkeep is soul destroying  and frustrating .  I wasn’t ordained for this God!!!  I am not good at this God!!!!  Can we get back to sorting out the worship and bringing the people to you please?

 But, it is good for the folks at St A’s to think about how they are can be more welcoming to others.  (especially after the vicar’s sermon on James last Sunday or so I keep hearing.  Note to self: Must tell him that I think it hit home.  Must ask him what he said) .  And, it is good for the community to see that things have changed up here, that we are alive and that we are not stuck in the past.

As I keep saying.  God comes and shares our lives and then he changes us.  He might even come and change us as well as the building at St A’s if we let Him.  Or is that just a bit too scary for  us at the moment?

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2 Responses to Pews and loos

  1. Kathryn says:

    When I was in the Rissingtons (group of 3 villages in N Cotswolds) we had a consistory court and all sorts of excitements re installing a loo…but we also had a large quantity of badges made advertising the Great Flush Fund…
    There was an unbelievable amount of fuss at the time, press & tv coverage and hate mail through my letter box (we were in a vacancy, I was teh benefice Reader and it was all my fault that children might want to come to church…). 15 years on, the loo is so much part of life that nobody believes there was ever a time before it and, in a village with no hall, the church gets better used than at any time since the middle ages.
    All will be well 🙂

  2. gloriousthings says:

    I know. I’ve been here before and saw what a consistory court and hate mail did to the previous incumbent. We have a beautiful new church room and loo at St M’s built on top of Thomas Hardye’s auntie. 4 years on we wonder how we managed without it.

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