Harvest Brunch and the usual Sunday race around the benefice

The annual round of harvest festivals has begun. Thank goodness the wonderful folks at St J’s are so flexible.  Having agreed their service would be on the 20th they were somewhat surprised at the beginning of this month to find it was advertised in the parish magazine for this Sunday.  Our mistake- not theirs. In under a week (with no muttering) they had organised decorating the church and a harvest brunch to follow the 9.30 service.  Harvest supper will follow on later in the month!

Also two couples turned up to hear their banns (there hasn’t been a wedding in St J’s for 4 years) and also a couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

All in all, a  full church of smilely people this morning and lots of non -perishable stuff to take down to the womens refuge.

It’s a shame I missed out on the bacon baps and real coffee in my Sunday rush to get to St M’s and the next service of the day but I should have gone with a more expectant heart. Schools don’t start back here until tomorrow, even so loads of families turned up for communion there this morning (for a service that isn’t advertised as a family service).  At least 14 children were fed at the altar rail.  I just love the way they look at me as I give them the bread and a little ‘Amen’ is squeaked back with such awe. Wish some of the grown ups would recieve God’s love in that way.

And now, I am back home from the Sunday race around the benefice.  There is no evening service.  A huge joint of pork is slow roasting in the oven awaiting the return of the ‘doctor’ from the hospital.  Everything else can wait for tomorrow. Yes!

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