1 Corinthians 17 ‘Yes, yes and No no’

Note to self: Make your yes really mean a yes.

Common sense prevails.

Today will be a struggle as I need to ring both friendly hospital chaplain and lovely Diocesan rural officer and say that my yes is really a no.  It will make me feel like the son who said he would go and work in the vineyard and then didn’t turn up.  However, I think God will probably smile with me and say well done you good and faithful servant.

I am trying not to be fed up or hard on myself.  I am being more faithful by saying no.  I am just worried that if I keep saying no to things that I love to do then people will stop asking me. I genuinely believe that we should do more of those things that make us feel fully alive and less of the mundane things that sap the life out of us  (endless committee meetings/admin/people I find difficult).  Don’t get me wrong, I love parish life but doing other things keeps it fresh and stops it from becoming stifling.

However, there are some glorious things on the horizon in the benefice (watch this space).  They are things that will lay foundations for the future. They need to be done well and they need my full attention.  They require me to encourage others.  Exhausting myself just because it makes me feel fully alive is not on.

Well done, you good and faithful servant.  You might actually make it through to Christmas in one piece.

Postscript: the deed is done.

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