Why is it so hard to say no?  Friendly hospital chaplain has just asked me to cover his leave next month.  24hour cover for a week. Hmmm…… I must be stupid.  It has fallen in a very busy week for me too.  Why haven’t I said NO?  Why can’t he ask some of the team in the town.  They are overrun with clergy.  Do I really want to be a total wreck?    and yet………. I do like it there.  Will someone please tell me that I need to say NO.  Will someone please remind me that I am not superhuman and I really, really can’t be in two places at once. Please. But………

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2 Responses to Dilemma

  1. Kathryn says:

    May I quote some advice that came in a very wise and helpful email to me last month
    “Try really hard to celebrate the good and take control of that diary – it will involve saying NO even to good ideas, needy people and what you could do if you weren’t a human being”

    You know by now that I am absolutely in the same boat as you, – but a WEEK of 24 hr cover is beyond bearing. I loved doing cover when I was at Ch Kings, but we never had more than a 24 hour stint. Why not suggest that he creates a team and say you’re happy to be part of it, but not for 7 days!

  2. gloriousthings says:

    It’s OK Kathryn. I needed to write it down and see it in black and white to realise how silly I was to say yes. There are some important things on that week which will lay the foundations for something even better and it all needs to be done well and I need to give them my full energy and attention. It is said chaplains problem that he hasn’t trained a team properly. I will probably being doing him a favour in the long run by not jumping in whenever he calls. But I do need a dose of the hospital now and then to keep it real. Will call him tomorrow. Promise!

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