cow rage and the stature of waiting

DSCN1923I should have learnt by now.  Always leave an extra TEN minutes for cow traffic.  ESPECIALLY ON A SUNDAY MORNING! It takes the cows at least a quarter of an hour to amble past our house to get back to that nice juicy grass after milking. Here is one that has stopped to mow our front lawn for us. Cows don’t walk fast and they only keep to the left and in single file when I am not in a hurry.

So it was a bit ironic that I should meet them this Sunday just as I was leaving for the benefice farm service.  Actually it was a GOOD THING.  I am not one for cow rage. I like waiting and I like the cows, they slow me down.  The cows know that the grass will be there waiting for them, does it really matter if it takes them 5 minutes longer to get there?

Neither is rain at an outdoor service a disaster.  We were able to all squeeze into the barn which was full of the freshly harvested wheat.  I would have loved to play in it- a far too dangerous example to set the children- but it was great to have some to make the parable of the sower and the seed come to life.

Did I ever tell you?  I love living in the country.

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