Bias to the poor and impossible tales

[Jesus] said:

‘How dare you wrap God up in good behaviour,

and tell the poor that they should be like you?

How can you live at ease with riches and success,

while those I love go hungry and are oppressed?

It really is for such a time as this that I was given breath’

(Caedmon’s prayer p206: Celtic daily prayer)


Orthodox-Heretic-SmallI see that Peter Rollins book,‘The Orthodox heretic and other impossible tales’  has finally been published in the UK.  I have to admit I was too impatient and got my copy with the chequer board cover from America when it was published earlier in the year.  I then had to force myself not to race through the book but to savour each parable slowly and to carry it around in my heart for a while before moving on to the next.

Here is what Peter says on the inside cover:-

“Religious writing is usually designed to make the truth of faith clear, concise, and palatable.  Parables subvert this approach.  In the parable, truth is not expressed via some dusty theological discourse tht seeks to educate us, but rather it arises as a lyrical dis-course that would inspire and transform us.  In light of this, the enclosed parables do not seek to change our minds but rather to change our hearts”

I love any story that makes you think for yourself, doesn’t give you all the answers and makes you sit up and want to shout….’WHAT?’ I love stories that change you for the better, those that truly turn you round where you can see metanoia at work in you.

I guess the people wanted to shout, ‘WHAT’ at Jesus when he subverted the received wisdom of the day with his parables.  I guess they felt as uncomfortable as I do.

Thanks Peter Rollins! I like your book.  I need to be shaken out of my comfort zone and be reminded of Jesus’ bias to the poor.

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