William and Catherine Booth

Today, we celebrate William and Catherine Booth.  What an excellent day to start a social justice group in one of the villages.  Here is the agenda:

Following an initiative from the ….. PCC, this is an Initial Meeting to consider whether there could be a Social Justice Group formed in …..

1. Welcome

2. Appointment of someone to take minutes

3. Apologies

4. Introduction  –

5. Each member of the group to give a brief introduction to their interest  in particular Justice issues. 

6. Discussion – Why a Social Justice Group in …….? 

7. How could such a group function? 

8. If we are to proceed where should we start? 

9. If we are to proceed how should the membership of the group be formed? 

10. If the group is to be formed to whom will it be answerable? 

11. If the group is to be formed what are the next steps?

What a glorious start! I am really excited that there are people in the village that don’t come to church but are still interested in this stuff.  Today is a day to feel encouraged.

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One Response to William and Catherine Booth

  1. Chelley says:

    Brilliant! How did it go?

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