Ora et labore

To pray and to work.  It interests me how hard I find it to pray (apart from the odd chat) whilst on holiday.  I am wondering whether prayer is so tied up  with work as a priest that I do actually need a break from it (but not God) or prayer will become a chore.  Or is it because I am not working that there is nothing to feed my prayers?  Or is it because I  have broken free of the rhythm of work that it is hard to pray.  The two are so closely interwoven.   Prayer holds everything together and sustains me through the work. Or is it simply because personal prayer also needs corporate prayer and without formality and structure there can be no spontineity.  Perhaps I am missing not having anyone to pray with.

I guess St Benedict got the balance right.  It’s why I like his rule.

So while I’ve been on holiday this week and next, I’ll stick with the odd chat.  I don’t think He will mind!

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2 Responses to Ora et labore

  1. Kathryn says:

    Oh Sarah we MUST meet
    My terror is that it might end up like a marriage in which there is no conversation once the children are gone (and we retire from ministry)……..but yes, my own experience is so very similar. Thanks for posting this. And have a lovely holiday x

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