All creatures great and small

063Over at Revgalblogpals they are sharing wild animal stories.  I thought you might like to see 5 wild animals that came to visit it us at St A’s during the flower festival.  Each display took a verse from the hymn, ‘all things bright and beautiful’.  It is not my most favourite hymn as it always seems to be the default option at funerals and weddings. Often it is the only hymn people can recall which I think is so sad.

I much prefer the Monty Python version.

‘all things dull and ugly, all creatures short and squat, all things rude and nasty, the Lord God made the lot’064 

I love these creatures that the local primary children painted and then stuck to the pews.

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3 Responses to All creatures great and small

  1. Mainecelt says:

    I love the Monty Python version too. And those pew-creatures are truly wild and wonderful!!!

  2. angela says:

    Adorable. Just amazingly cute and I wish we had them on our pews too. All God’s creatures in all their glorious color.

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