We’re bored

How can they be bored?  We have all this wonderful countryside on our doorstep.

In a way I don’t blame Mathmagic.  It has been more than two months since his last GCSE exam and it is still 3 weeks until he goes back to school.   I do acknowledge that there are only two buses a day here, the first leaving before 8 in the morning but he does have a bike.  Oh, I so wish that Stagestruck would be more creative with her time too.  The trouble is, they have access to too much technology.  Playing on the computer has become the default option, the easy option, the lazy option and it is stopping them from being creative. Perhaps Susan Greenfield is right, it is messing with their identity and changing the way their brains work. 

It can’t be that satisfying because they keep telling me that they are bored.

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