40 minutes….

…is all it took.  How did we manage to complete a family communion at All Saints in 40 minutes?  We still had 4 hymns and although the sermon ran to only one page it wasn’t much shorter than usual.  There was double the usual congregation too (glorious thing) as we had visitors from other churches in the benefice that didn’t have a communion service. 

Is communion in one kind really that much quicker?  Perhaps it does take a long time to adminster when I have to go up and down the altar rail twice.  Maybe when this swine flu ‘scare’ is over we need to go back to having a server or at least a chalice assistant.

I am still being obedient to the Bishop even though it is making me miserable.  I know our lovely people are being fed but I am not comfortable with consecrating wine and then not sharing it with them.

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One Response to 40 minutes….

  1. Kathryn says:

    Y – I mind far more than I expected to, and am v tempted to at least switch to intinction when I get back to work at the end of the month…Nobody else seems worried, but I feel at odds with myself, really.
    But 40 mins sounds wonderful. Think I might need to see your order of service one day…

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