Gratitude and Grandad

My father (84) has just bought a laptop and is teaching himself  how to use it.   He has a child like amazement at what he can find out at the click of a button.  Last week he managed to order a second hand book from Amazon.  He was delighted.  Being the gentleman that he is he wanted to thank Amazon for their good service and to let them know that the book had come and that it was in a very good condition and how pleased he was with it. Not realising that Amazon send out emails generated by a ‘machine’ he painstakingly typed a thank you with one finger and hit the reply button.  Of course he got an email back saying that this was an automative reply and his email hadn’t been read.  He was upset because it was important that he thanked someone and there seemed to be no option on the site to do that.  The children were amazed at how important it was to him.  In the end they showed him how to give the seller he had bought it from a good rating.  What the children learnt was how important it was to grandad to say thank you.  (They have already seen how generous he is)

Has this automative world made us lazy?  How often do we forget to say thank you.

Do we thank God for everything?

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